Work Study & Internship Programs making a difference through Masacote.

WORKSTUDY PROGRAM at The Masacote Latin Dance School!

At Masacote, we understand that one person can make a difference, but a group of people with the same goals can create a movement.

Work Studies & Interns are a VITAL life force of our Masacote Family. We're a small company with a BIG vision, and we can't do it alone.

1) If you're in need of financial assistance for intensive dance training, and..

2) If you are motivated to be a contributing member of our visionary team and make a difference through Latin music & dance, all with the added benefit of getting Discounted Salsa classes, then contact us today!

We need help in a number of the following categories:
1) Front Desk Administration Mon-Thurs evenings in Cambridge.
2) Social Media Management (must know your way around social media networks)
3) Website Management (must know coding)
4) Street Team Flyering (disseminating posters around town)
5) Photo/Video/Media Editing
6) Have a suggestion on how you can help? Tell us about it!!

Fill out our application today.