Ritmo Masacote Photo

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Ritmo Masacote is a 12-piece Salsa/Timba/Latin Jazz Orchestra Powerhouse comprised of some of Berklee’s most talented students/alums and NY & Boston’s finest musicians. This young, charismatic cast produces commanding presentations full of life, spirit, and energy. The orchestra was created with the purpose to bridge the growing divide between the music and dance genres and inspire people to build communities and understanding through this cultural phenomenon.

Ritmo Masacote was founded out of Boston, MA in 2006 by Composer/Pianist Joel Massicot, also known as “Masacote”. Joel earned the alias Masacote in 1998 as an introduction into his piano solos while playing in Washington, DC. Masacote, Cuban slang, specifically refers to the feeling & rhythm created by combining the basic percussive instruments in Salsa/Mambo (the congas, guiro, timbales, clave, and bongo). More generally, this term refers to the design of merging various elements.

With this design in mind, Joel set about creating an ensemble that would serve to merge various components of music and dance, shaping the perception of Latin Music Today. Often coupled on stage with the company's dancers, Masacote Dance Company, an internationally renowned dance troupe known for its breathtaking performances and visually stunning choreographies, the ensemble is making an impact in cultivating an international appreciation and demand for danceable and captivating band performances.

Ritmo Masacote’s reach extends internationally as far as Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, Lithuania, Colombia, Brazil, and across North America, among others. The ensemble’s music can be found on motion pictures, instructional DVDs, and can be heard on major radio stations and satellite radio both nationally and internationally. Everyone can relate to the orchestra’s unique compositions and arrangements with focused directions in Timba, Salsa, and Latin jazz grounded in Cuban roots.

With two critically acclaimed Latin Jazz albums to its credit, Ritmo Masacote is working to deliver its first Salsa/Timba-focused album for its growing fan base around the globe. This third release is scheduled for 2012.