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Students may choose to take private classes for Personalized Dance Instruction. Private Lessons are adapted to meet your personal goals ands needs. No partner is necessary, and individual, private, and semi-group (3-6 people) private lessons are available through The Masacote School Staff (directors Ana & Joel are also available for an additional fee). Private Lessons can be taught on 1 or on 2 and offered on a flexible schedule.

Example Areas of Private Instruction include:

Introduction to the Basics of Salsa, Leading and Following Technique, Salsa Musicality and Timing Fundamentals, Styling for Men and Women, Spinning, Body Movement for Men and Women, Footwork Repertoire, Partner and Combination Repertoire, Creativity Building, Presentation

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Wedding Dance Preparation & Choreography

If there's one thing you shouldn't have to stress over on your wedding day, it's the pre-dance jitters! The wedding dance is supposed to be the highlight of your night, when you get to show off your best moves and the beautiful partnership you have just created. So, let us help you dazzle the crowd on your big night!

Masacote staff is available for private wedding dance instruction on a flexible schedule. Wedding day choreography is also available at $500 per minute (choreography cost is in addition to private lesson cost). Packages of 10 wedding lesson privates are recommended as a minimum starting point for wedding choreographies.

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Amateur Student Competitions

If you're interested in pushing your social dance or presentation skills in a short span of time, we highly recommend participating in Pro-Amateur and Amateur-Amateur heats. Heats are social dancing competitions offered at different salsa festivals throughout the year designed for students of introductory to advanced levels (split level competitions are offered!). The biggest yearly competitions are Orlando in April, Montreal in May, and Toronto in October.

For preparation, students take private lessons with instructors. A minimum of 10 private lessons is required. For Pro-Amateur competitions, students compete with their instructor. For Amateur-Amateur competitions, students compete with other designated students from classes. For Jack & Jill competitions, students are paired randomly on the spot with other students.

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Competition & Show Coaching

Directors Ana & Joel Masacote are available for coaching for couple and group competitions and showcases. Although they are not available to choreograph for other groups, they are available to guide you and your team through the process of choreography and preparation.

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