Looking for more information about Masacote Dance Classes? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with our responses. If you don't find what you are looking for here, feel free to Contact Us

Q: When are your classes and how much do they cost? Do you accept drop ins?

A: NEW class sessions begin the first week of the month! We ask all beginners to start the first week. Any dancers who know Salsa on 2 are welcome to drop in at any time. All beginners are asked to wait for the following month if they miss the first week. Visit these links for info on class dates, times, costs, & registration:

Cambridge Classes: http://masacote.com/dance-school/class-schedule
Manchester Classes: http://salsanewhampshire.com/manchester-classes.html
Online Classes: http://www.masacote.tv

Q: How often do salsa sessions run?

A: Our sessions run in monthly blocks (normally 8 days in a Salsa Session). New sessions start the on the 1st of every month, or the first day of classes after. The last class of every session is dedicated to social dancing so that students can practice what they've learned through the course of the month and receive feedback from our coaches.

Q: I don't know what Level to Sign Up for. What should I do?

A: For Salsa, if you are new to On 2 (no matter what your experience is on 1), or don't know a cross body lead, inside turn, and outside turn, (or what On 2 even means) start with our Level 1 classes. If you know these moves and have taken other classes on 2, start with Level 2 and introduce yourself to the coach. He/she will use this first class as an evaluation.

We do not otherwise offer evaluations at this time.

Q: Where is your studio located?

A: Cambridge Classes: http://masacote.com/dance-school/studio-location
Manchester Classes: http://salsanewhampshire.com/manchester-studio.html

Q: I purchased a Living Social or Yelp Deal and would like to Redeem it.

A: Living Social: We got you covered! You will be on a list at the door. Just provide the name under which it was purchased.
Yelp: Bring your receipt the first day and you will be all set!

Please note our new student policy (beginners must start the first week of the month) still applies.

Q: Can I register in advance or pay at the door?

A: Registering in advance definitely helps you and us avoid lines at the door. Please bring your receipt the first day just in case we miss the email. You are also welcome to pay at the door if needed. We accept cash, checks, credit cards (assessed a 5% fee).

Q: What clothes and shoes do I wear for classes?

A: Dress comfortably! If you're new to this, we recommend you bring any dress shoes (heels or flats) you would wear to a club. Try to stay away from clunky shoes or shoes with rubber soles that give traction on turns. Our goal is to get you addicted after your first month, at which point you can purchase dance shoes directly from Masacote, and we can help guide you for the best shoes to start with for your dance journey. We offer shoes for men and women through Souldancer and Burju Shoes, the most popular shoes in the industry. Masacote Students get a 10% discount when ordering through the school.

Q: What ages do you take?

A: All Ages! The average age range is 25-30, but student age typically ranges anywhere from 16-50.

Q: Do I need a partner?

A: Not at all! You do get a discount if you register a couple (leader and follower) together, but no partner is needed otherwise. We rotate during classes, so all dancers will have a partner to dance with.

Q: I want to prepare in advance on my own for group classes or find something with a more flexible schedule. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! We recommend taking private lessons which offer a more flexible schedule. Visit the store for lesson prices, which can be scheduled through email. We also offer online classes at www.Masacote.TV, which are a great way to prepare in advance or with the classes while at home, on your own time!

Q: I would like to sign up for private lessons. How can I schedule them?

A: We would love to get you started! Send us an email with your preferred days, times, instructors, and we will get back to you on availability. Visit the schedule for open hours. http://masacote.com/dance-school/class-schedule

Q: I'm looking to hire dancers and instructors for an event. Who can I contact?

A: We are not currently taking any extra bookings for 2013 as we are completely booked up. However, please tell us as many details about the event as you can. We would be happy to recommend to you another company instead that can meet your needs, and then we can send you our information for a future possibility of working together.

Q: Do you have any upcoming music or dance events?

A: Due to our jam packed Fall 2013 schedule, we also do not have any upcoming Masacote-produced events for 2013. Meanwhile, we would love to have you join us at the following Masacote-sponsored events:

Thursdays Live Music at Masa Restaurant: Reggae & Latin Funk (Joel Masacote on piano)
1st Fridays Live Music at Enigma: Cuban Salsa/Timba by E.S.M. (Joel Masacote on piano)