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The Masacote Dance School is directed by internationally-renowned dance and music professionals. If you're looking to start salsa dancing today, there is no better way to start than with world-class instructors

We specialize in Salsa & Mambo on 2 Dance Instruction, Performance, and Music. The Dance School also offers periodic classes in Bachata, Cuban Style Casino Rueda, Guaguanco Rumba, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha taught by certified professionals in the industry. Our philosophy is to build a strong foundation in the student's early stages and build on these foundations over time.

At The Masacote School, we focus heavily on technique and musical/body awareness. We believe in developing well-rounded dance skills in each student for the complete dancer, including, but not limited to, musicality, movement, partner connection, core stability, and overall feeling.

NY Style Salsa On 2 Programming Tuesday & Thursday Nights

Salsa is the main component of The Masacote Dance School, and new sessions start at the beginning of every month. Drop ins are welcome for people who know on 2 (contact us in advance for placement evaluations). Drop ins for Level 1 Intro classes are allowed up to the 3rd day of a monthly session. Our Salsa program consists of a combination of split level classes, core training, additional Specialty classes, and social dancing.

During the split level section, classes are split up into six levels, each of which is designed for the student to train in a certain type of skill set, technique, and syllabus. The student must achieve a strong understanding of these skills in each level and receive approval by the instructor before moving up to the next higher level. There is no predetermined amount of time a student may need to take a particular level, as it varies by each person.

During Core Training, classes are combined together to focus on various spin and core building exercises. Emphasis is also placed on progressive repertoire building.

Additional Specialty Classes (i.e. Guaguanco Rumba, Styling, Musicality) offer students the ability to focus on very particular things such as movement, styling, and musicality that are not targeted as heavily within the partnering and footwork classes.

And last, but not least, all monthly sessions end with social dancing to work on improvisational skills. All Levels are joined together to work for a group effort on applying what you have learned in classes, improving each individual's social dance technique, and developing adaptability.

Our goal is not to teach you steps, but to teach you how to dance through them while tapping into the emotion you feel within. We hope you will join us on this journey and help us guide you in your new dance life!