Afterlife Company

One of the feature works in the Fantagious Theater production, Afterlife has been lauded around the world as the performance that will shape the future of Salsa Dance Theater. This dramatic choreographic masterpiece explores the emotions of love and loss, death, deepest grief, and celebration of life as we venture into the afterlife.

5 Beat Mambo Choreography

The first company dance performed to Ritmo Masacote's music, this music and dance was created in honor of Take Five, the 5/4 couple choreography which made Ana & Joel famous. In it, the company probes deep into musical timing and structure. The work is characterized by numerous quick group transitions, sharp lines and movements, and salsa contrasts danced in 5/4 and 4/4 timing.

Ana and Joel Esperabas Partnerwork

Lo Que Esperabas, Spanish for "what you were waiting for", brings Cuban Timba to the stage and illustrates the intensity of Salsa. Ana & Joel take you on a feel good, highly energetic, roller coaster ride as they illustrate what it is about Timba that makes it one of their favorite genres of Salsa.

Mambo Gallego 3 Couples

A salsa infused with subtle elements of Tango and Flamenco, this enduring classic is characterized by transitions between sharp and smooth/relaxed movements. The first choreography created by Ana and Joel Masacote, Mambo Gallego has seen many changes throughout the years.

Masacote Females

Alluding to the meaning of Masacote, or the merging of various elements, this work weaves together many danceforms against a salsa backdrop. Showcasing the Masacote women's versatility, Masacote explores the juxtapositioning of contemporary ballet, modern, guaguanco, and salsa against a poetic backdrop of music.

Melancholy Group

One of the featured works in the Fantagious Theater Production, this dance explores the essence of frustration, sadness, and emotional release. Melancholy seamlessly integrates elements of Hip Hop and contemporary ballet with lightning fast partnerwork and changes. Sheila Chen opens with a serene and expressive contemporary ballet solo.

One Finger Snap

Ana & Joel create dance sequences filled with dynamic partnerwork and footwork, amazing spinning, and beautiful lifts. The work features direct contrasts of lightning fast salsa set against slow, subtle cha cha.

Take Five Parterwork

Jazz meets Salsa in Ana and Joel's most requested work and the one that made them famous. Take Five is comprised of smooth, graceful dancing to one of the world's most well known and unconventional songs. Not in a regular 4/4 salsa rhythm, this timeless classic is salsa danced to a jazz song of odd 5/4 rhythm as Ana and Joel aimed to step outside the box.