The debut CD by the Ritmo Masacote Latin Jazz Ensemble.

"Discovering Ritmo Masacote, the recording created by Joel "Masacote" Massicot. I experienced a collection of work by various artists clearly demonstrating how to fuse several styles into a unique blend of tasty musical treats -- all in one package. Ritmo Masacote's gift is obvious from the first downbeat you hear. The CD's flavor is irresistible, toe-tapping, hip, and head-shakingly groovy."
-- Kevin Ball; Host/Producer - Jazz Gallery (WGBH 89.7)

Release Date: May 13, 2006
Label: Masacote Records
Genre: Latin Jazz
Producers: Ana and Joel Masacote
Co-Producer: Chino Nuñez

Piano: Joel "Masacote" Massicot
Minor Perc., Timbales, Bongos, Quinto:
Pablo Chino Nuñez
Trumpet: Raul Agraz
Tenor Sax: Ivan Renta
Bass: Ruben Rodriguez
Drums, Congas: Luisito Quintero
Trombone: Jimmy Bosch
(Featured solo on Lament)
Vocals: Gordon Neil
(Featured Solo on Masacote)

Price: $15.00