Masacote Entertainment in Mambo Gallego

The Company: Masacote Entertainment, LLC is a music and dance company based in Cambridge & Boston, MA (USA) that specializes in Salsa and a fusion of other dance and music elements. Directed by Ana and Joel Masacote, it is comprised of three entities:

1) The Masacote Dance Company – A professional troupe of touring dancers/instructors that travels to teach and perform around the world.

2) The Masacote School – A dance school located in the Cambridge & Boston area that offers dance instruction for people of all ages and level abilities.

3) The Ritmo Masacote Orchestra – A 12-piece Salsa/Timba orchestra comprised of some of Boston & NY’s top musicians.

Our Mission: To bridge the growing disconnect between music and dance while fostering an international appreciation for Salsa as a theatrical art form. We are invested in cultivating the sophistication of salsa and shaping the perception of Latin Dance Today.

Ana and Joel Mambo Cover

The Directors, Ana & Joel Masacote: This duo is one of the most sought after in salsa/mambo. Respected for their artistry and musicality, they have taken the interpretation of Salsa Dance to new heights. Ana and Joel Masacote have taught in 30+ countries, across 5 continents and countless cities throughout the world. They are booked as far as a year in advance and almost every weekend in between to teach and perform around the world.

When not traveling to some exotic country, you can find Ana and Joel in Boston, MA teaching salsa and latin dance to all levels from beginners to advanced master classes, along with their professional dance troupe of instructors in the Masacote School and Dance Company. You can follow their extensive tour and travel schedule by visiting their official calendar.

Meaning of Masacote: Cuban slang for the emotion evoked by the rhythm created when combining the basic percussive Instruments in salsa/mambo (the conga, guiro, timbales, clave, and bongo). More generally, it refers to the merging of various elements.