Masacote Boston Salsa

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Masacote Entertainment is an internationally renowned Latin Music & Dance company. Its specialty is Salsa, with a strong emphasis on merging various disciplines of dance & music.

Directed by Ana & Joel Masacote, Masacote Entertainment is comprised of 3 entities: Masacote Latin Dance Company; The Masacote Dance School, and the Ritmo Masacote Orchestra. Masacote Dance Company often performs to music created by them and for them by the Ritmo Masacote band.

The Masacote approach makes instruction, performances, concerts, global travel, cross-cultural event planning, & more accessible to clients around the world. Originally founded in Okinawa, Japan, the company is now based in Boston, MA, USA and has since performed and taught in 30+ countries across 5 continents and countless cities in between. Appearances include Australia, Japan, Korea, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Cuba, Canada, and throughout the US.


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